6 Tasty Ideas to Try for an Exceptional Easter Sunday Feast

image source: bubblews.com

image source: bubblews.com

Going home after an inspiring mass service during Easter Sunday definitely means spending time with your friends and loved ones to celebrate the rebirth of Christ. And there’s possibly no better way to enjoy such a holy celebration at home than by throwing an amazing Easter Sunday feast! Easter Sunday is a globally celebrated holy holiday, and one of the traditional ways to commemorate this event is by gathering friends and family for a great communal dinner!

Think about it: your dining table adorned with plates and bowls of scrumptious food to celebrate new life and the resurrection of our savior. Easter is a perfect time to whip out those fancy recipes that you’ve been dying to try out, so why don’t you take inspiration from the list of menu options below?

In fact, it might even be a great idea to have your friends or family pitch in to help make your Easter Sunday feast possible! After all, food always tastes better when it’s made by the combined efforts of people who care about each other, which is one of the qualities people should always strive for in their everyday lives and not just during the Easter season. That being said, take a look at the amazing food items you might want to serve for your intimate Easter Sunday feast.

Whet your appetites with a winning crowd-pleasing appetizer!

You want to make your loved ones build their excitement for the main Easter event at home, so make sure you serve up an appetizer that will definitely grab their attention. And make it a healthy one, too, courtesy of this appetizer that uses feta cheese as the star of the show. With a supporting cast that includes favorites like tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and almonds, it’s safe to say that your Easter feast is off to a great start!

Your traditional Easter roast ham… with a sweet and fruity twist!

After giving up meat during Good Friday, a taste of succulent meat sure sounds like a welcome treat for everyone come Easter Sunday. So why don’t you try this variation of a traditional roast ham that adds plum preserves and other zesty tropical fruits as secret ingredients to make things even more delicious?

Classic lamb made even better!

Anyone familiar with the Bible knows that lamb is a classic meat eaten before, during, and after the time of Jesus, who is also known by the moniker, “Lamb of God”, which is mentioned in the Gospel of John. Pay homage to our Savior by cooking up this amazing lamb roast made even better with the addition of cranberries, grapes, and a heavenly honey-curry glaze.

Celebratory chicken that’s good for you!

The many praises of the health benefits of garlic has been proven since ancient times, and this remarkable miracle spice can make your roast chicken healthy and delicious at the same time. Add in a few choice herbs plus some fabulous shallots, and this garlic-herb take on roast chicken is sure to be a favorite with your friends and family on your Easter feast table.

A sensational side dish worthy of God’s praises!

Soup is a reliable side dish that fills your stomach up nicely. However, you don’t want to serve just any boring old soup for your Easter feast. Put a refreshing spin on the proceedings with this unusual yet delicious soup that marries avocado and shrimp! The best part about making this side dish is that there’s practically no cooking involved, giving you more time to focus on your other time-consuming items in your menu.

Top your Easter feast with a divine dessert!

Add a touch of flavorful whimsy to your Easter feast by creating a dessert that’s definitely divine on your palate. And the kids will certainly cheer for you when you present these white-chocolate truffles inspired by white rabbit tails as a subtle homage to the Easter Bunny! They’re not just cute to look at, but they’re also quite tasty, too!


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