When Good Samaritans Strike: College Students Return Money They Found in a Couch to Rightful Owner


It’s hard being a college student, especially if you have to live on a pretty tight budget. So just imagine the surprise of three typical college students who bought a cheap secondhand couch for their apartment, only to discover a fortune stashed within the innocent-looking piece of furniture!

When SUNY students and roommates Cally Guasti, Reese Werkhoven, and Lara Russo discovered that their Salvation Army-bought couch concealed thousands of dollars in cash, they instantly believed they had hit the jackpot. The three friends noticed that something was strange about their newly bought sofa when they sat on it and found it a bit lumpy in certain places. When the trio poked around the couch, they were dumbstruck to find envelopes full of cash stuffed in just about every single nook and cranny of the old sofa.


After giving the couch a thorough search, the roommates found themselves with approximately $41,000. But their good luck was tested when the trio found that one of the envelopes had a woman’s name on it. Deciding to do the right thing, the three friends began a hunt for the mystery woman who owned the money. Their efforts paid off when they tracked down the elderly widow who formerly owned the couch that the three college students bought.


The woman, who asked to remain anonymous from the media, explained to the students that the money was her entire life savings and had no other place to store it except for the couch. When she underwent surgery on her back, she didn’t realize that her children had sold the couch to the Salvation Army without realizing what she had hidden in the sofa. Thankful to have her life savings returned, the woman expressed her gratitude to the SUNY students by giving them a $1,000 reward for their honesty.


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