Fun Things You Can Do with Your Dad on Father’s Day

Dad and Son on Bench

Spend some quality dad-and-me time this Father’s Day! // Photo Source: Updates Nation

Skip the usual boring gifts like ties, shoes, or mechanical tools to give your dad on Father’s Day. Instead of spending money on your dad, why don’t you spend quality time with him instead during his special day? It’s important that you foster a good relationship with your father, especially if you rarely see him around because of work obligations. So to give you some ideas on what to do with your dad for Father’s Day, here are some great ideas for you to try.

Zero in on his favorite sport

Whether your dad is a clean-cut preppy guy or a rough-and-tumble dude, most people are bound to be interested in some types of sport. Does your dad love to shoot some hoops, or is he more favorable to that old pigskin? If your father shows any inclination towards a particular sport, you can either invite him to play a few rounds of his preferred game or score some tickets to see a sporting event that highlights his beloved pastime.

Pig out like there’s no tomorrow

Men can have seriously huge appetites, and your father could do with a food trip worth his time. Learn the kind of food he likes to eat and splurge on an all-day food bonanza at restaurants that cater to his tastes. Of course, make sure that in between meals, you and your dad do things that whet your appetites for the next epic meal time.

Let him indulge in his interests

Outside of sports, your dad is likely to be interested in other things, so make the effort to give him the best Father’s Day ever by letting him loose in his particular interests. Is he a complete video game enthusiast? Challenge your dad to a Playstation or Xbox battle. Is your dad a total movie nerd? Line up some of his favorite films for a movie marathon. The possibilities are endless!


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