Five Notable Heartwarming Stories of 2014

Remarkable situations that a lot of us have found ourselves in prove that the world is indeed a beautiful place where despite the negativities, there is still some light at the end of the tunnel. It’s truly fascinating how both human beings and even animals are capable of touching the lives of others.

I came across a few articles and managed to compile what I thought were the most heartwarming stories. Here they are below.

Entrepreneur dresses up as a homeless person

Entrepreneur Jonnie Wright was out to give something back by dressing up as a homeless man. And every time someone gave him some cash, he would hand them over an envelope, with a note saying, “I’m not homeless, I’m not destitute and I’m not without a job,” along with a $10 bill. The note then went on, saying that the person may do whatever he or she wants with the money.

Story of a dog and an old man with Alzheimer’s

Lisa Abeyta’s father has advanced Alzheimer’s. Having a hard time talking, her relationship with her father had been strained. But then, as her father interacted with the family dog, he began to speak properly, despite difficulties in doing so. This goes to show that even the humble family dog can help out in the subtlest of ways.

“Failed” service dog touches a family

Pesto, the "failed" service dog.

Pesto, the “failed” service dog. Image source: The Blaze

A black Labrador retriever named Pesto failed to make the cut as a certified service dog. The “family” he left behind consisting of Kim Howard and her two young boys—one with autism and the other with a spinal disorder—took him in. There, he found his purpose: To help the two boys with their daily tasks which they can’t do by themselves.

Though others might say that he failed that exam, the Howard family believed that Pesto made a choice.

Amy Adams gives up first class seat to a soldier

Amy Adams of The Fighter and Man of Steel fame.

Amy Adams of The Fighter and Man of Steel fame.
Image source: Wikipedia

Recently, the 39-year-old actress was on a plane headed for Los Angeles from Detroit, when she encountered a U.S. soldier sitting in coach. Adams immediately offered her seat to the soldier, apparently giving it up for his sake. What a woman!

Luna, the rescued kitten

Luna the rescued kitten Image source:

Luna the rescued kitten
Image source:

A person with the username hiblue managed to rescue a kitten, which he found in an abandoned industrial area. The kitten was alone and starving. Taking pity, he took the feline in his arms, and immediately, she warmed up to him. He took the kitten home and named her Luna. He gave Luna a bath and some much needed food. And now, they’re the best of friends!

Aren’t the stories amazing? And the fact that we actually see them happen in real life makes them even more astounding! I believe many of us have a lot of stories to tell, similar to the ones I’ve relayed above. You might want to share them with everyone and touch the hearts of people. That way, we’ll all see how beautiful the world truly is.


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