Different Spiritual Meditation Practices

Meditation is beneficial for both your spiritual life and your mental well-being.

Meditation is beneficial for both your spiritual life and your mental well-being. Image source: Jodi Shield UK

Meditation has come a long way since the ancient days. It boosts one’s spirituality and mental well being. And that’s why I meditate a lot and I’m urging you to do so too!

And we may only be familiar with the superficial aspects of meditation, while not knowing that there are those that practice differently! Below are some different spiritual or religious meditation practices of certain beliefs.

Zen Buddhism

Image source:  OU.edu

Image source: OU.edu

Meditation from a Zen Buddhist’s perspective pertains to attaining enlightenment through staying still in deafening silence. Therefore, according to Zen, it is best to meditate some place far way, where no one can bother you. Staying in a discreet location to meditate might get you enlightened!


Hindu meditation

Image source: HubPages.com

Yoga is typically done to prepare for meditation. Upon meditating, you are supposed to focus on attaining that union with yourself. That is called moksha, which is similar to the Buddhist nirvana. Hence, silence and concentration on uttering one’s mantra is essential to Hindu meditation.


Christian in prayer

Image source: One Christian Dad

Christian prayers and contemplation may be treated as meditation too! Praying in silence and listening to whatever God has to say is usually the way to go in Christian meditation. Self-realization of one’s sinfulness and that sense of repentance are also covered. Overall, Christian meditation is about that union with God.


Jain monk in prayer

Image source: BeliefNet

As practiced by the parents of Mahatma Gandhi, Jainism preaches non-violence and pacifism. The meditation method of Jains involves meditating deeply for a long time. Others would even go as far as contemplating for years just to attain enlightenment! Jain meditation truly requires utmost discipline.


Meditation is not limited to being something religious, as it is a spiritual practice made to boost our oneness with ourselves. It is best to meditate from time to time and think of all the goodness that has happened to you and the good you can do for others.

Are you interested in practicing meditation? Give it a shot! However you want your methods to be, meditating will boost your spirituality and mould you into a better person.

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