Five Examples of Teens and their Incredible Acts of Heroism

Teens may often be seen as being too indulged in their lives as teenagers. But then, there are exceptional cases in which they turn into unsung heroes!

Teen Titans

Much like the Teen Titans!
Image source: Teen Titans Wikii

Below are some examples of teenagers who’ve displayed their bravery in the face of peril.

  1. Baseball team lifts car, saves life

At the parking lot of Sacramento Valley High School, a mother who was picking up her daughter accidentally hit a car. Her own car reversed, hitting her daughter who was behind the vehicle, trapping her.

A group of baseball players—about 12 of them—came to the rescue and lifted the car with all their might. After much struggling, they freed the young girl from being pinned down.

  1. Teens at the prom rescue car-crash victims

About 20 senior high students in their prom dresses rushed to the aid of a car-crash scene from their white limousine. Involved was a van which swerved and almost hit their limo. Their driver kicked the van’s door open to gain access to the passengers inside.

What happened next was amazing: The students forced the van’s sliding door open and began to pull out the passengers, which included young children—one who was stuck under the seats. They continued to help the bloodied passengers until authorities arrived.

  1. 14-year-old saves young boy from burning building

Marcos Ugante was doing his homework when he and his dad noticed a fire down the street. Immediately, they rushed to the scene and found that their neighbor’s home had been in flames!

Four out of five family members were safe outside. An 8-year-old boy was still trapped. There, Marcos rushed towards the house, seeing the boy inside. He climbed up the ladder and smashed a window, where he guided the young boy outside. All five family members were safe, thanks to Marcos and his heroism.

  1. Teen girl saves two children from an icy grave

Back in 2010, two young girls drowning in the ice-covered Morse Reservoir caught the attention of Aubrey Peters, who rushed to tell her grandmother about it. She tried calling 911, but knew it would take time before help arrives. She took matters into her own hands, broke the ice, and pulled the girls from the water. Incredible!

Unfortunately, Peters was fatally shot with a handgun by Jacob Travis McDaniel, who thought the gun wasn’t loaded. Hundreds mourned her death and hailed her as a hero.

  1. Pakistani student stops suicide bomber

Perhaps one of the most notable stories of the year, Aitazaz Hassan foiled the plans of a suicide bomber by scuffling with the terrorist, preventing the latter from entering the school building where all his schoolmates were in.

Unfortunately, the terrorist detonated the explosives, killing both him and Hassan. But the students owe their lives to the brave teenager. Had the suicide bomber entered the school premises, there would have been serious casualties. It may be considered a tragedy, but Hassan’s act of heroism shone right through.


The above mentioned truly are remarkable cases of teens acting like heroes. As decades pass, one can only hope that their acts of heroism shine on, serving as inspirations to the young people of the future.

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