Humans of New York Pt. 2: Offshoots

Previously, we were talking about Humans of New York (HONY) and I presented a few examples of people who were photographed and interviewed. Now, I’m going to show you the many different offshoots that HONY inspired.

Of course, I’ll be including a few photographs of people too. Here they are below!

Humans of London

Started by Ifeanyi Awachi, Humans of London was a way of sharing to people more about the city. Similar to HONY, Awachi would take photos of people at random. He would then interview them.

Humans of London

“Last year I got very depressed at the thought of not having kids. Now I just try to enjoy each day and hope that people remember that lady they saw busking outside the park.” Image source

Humans of India

Another movement inspired by HONY, Humans of India focuses on the South Asian country. Started by Megha Majumdur, it is his way of taking a look at the enchanting land of India.

Humans of India

“This is Kiddie, my favourite. He’s so sweet! When he was first at the centre, he was hurt badly and needed operations. I remember seeing only the fear in his eyes. It looked like he was crying, too. Why are some people so bad?” She sighed.
“He’s better and happy now. Sab theek hai, Didi.”
Image source

People of Cebu

Based in the Philippine city of Cebu, People of Cebu is not too well known to the worldwide audience. Nevertheless, it deserves a place here.

People of Cebu

“We’ve established an organization where we take care of strays. We bathe them, feed them, and give them to people opting to adopt a dog. They’ve got no one and some are being maltreated. And my husky? I always make sure I feed him as a result.”
Image source

Humans of Vilnius

To many, the Lithuanian city is shrouded in obscurity. Humans of Vilnius takes a look at the mundane, day-to-day lives of citizens.

Humans of Vilnius

“What’s the luckiest thing that’s happened to you today?“
“I sang at the inaugural ceremony of our President!“
Image source

There are a lot more HONY offshoots out there which I didn’t mention. You’re probably thinking of starting your own in your hometown or city. Why don’t you go ahead? Grab a camera and start talking to people!


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