The Ice Bucket Challenge and Other Viral Campaigns

The ice bucket challenge has indeed raised awareness of ALS throughout the globe.

The ice bucket challenge has indeed raised awareness of ALS throughout the globe.
Image source: NBC News

The ice bucket challenge has indeed become rather popular. Everyone’s doing it—most especially celebrities! In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s a viral campaign designed to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS.

As of the time of writing, donations have already gone up to $100 million. The awareness campaign has indeed reached great heights and it only started with one viral challenge.

But there have also been other awareness campaigns that have gone viral too! Why don’t we discuss them here? I’ve listed some below!

Meningitis Awareness Week

Meningitis involves an inflammation of protective membranes covering the brain. It’s a dreadful disease affecting a lot of people around the world. It’s good to know that some individuals have gone as far as starting an awareness campaign for victims of meningitis!

Through apps and social networking sites, Meningitis Awareness Week spread throughout the online audience. It generated about 21,000 conversations on social media and downloads of the apps about the campaign also increased up to 75% during such course of time. Now, isn’t that something?

Ogilvy & Mather Alzheimer’s Awareness Campaign

There are over 36 million people worldwide afflicted with Alzheimer’s and there are millions more who need to be aware of it. The Ogilvy & Mather group, a leading chain of advertising agencies, started a campaign to raise awareness for the disease.

Ogilvy Belgium established the awareness campaign through a browser app that allows individuals to experience what it’s like living with Alzheimer’s. The app temporarily fades a user’s Facebook timeline for a period of time. On the 22nd of September, everything then returns to normal. In that sense, people experience in a way what dementia is. Clever, right?

Male Cancer Awareness Campaign

Male cancer (e.g. prostate, testicular, etc.) isn’t typically addressed. That’s why some men launched the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign. The campaign involved taboo things like “going commando” and the “Near-Naked Man.” Believing that a lot of men hide in embarrassment by being victims of male cancer, it caters to them to further raise awareness.


So which viral campaign piqued your interest best? Let me know in the comments below!


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