Safe Trick or Treating

Halloween can be a fun time for kids. It is only during this time of the year that they can take part in the time-honored tradition of trick or treating. Few kids don’t enjoy dressing up in their favorite costumes, going door to door and receiving candy. As with any other activity, safety has to be prioritized. Here are a few tips to ensure the safest trick or treating possible!

Think of the costume length

Wearing long costumes can lead to the ends of it being dragged as the wearer walks. This is dangerous, particularly at night. To avoid accidents, make sure that your child’s costume is of an appropriate length. Anything too long must be hemmed to avoid tripping.

If possible, avoid masks

Masks can be difficult for for a variety of reasons. One reason is that it can prevent the wearer from seeing properly. Another reason is that it can lead towards difficulty in breathing. Unless it is absolutely necessary, it would be wise to skip the mask. There are alternatives to this, such as the use of non-toxic make up to complete the costume. However, also consider any allergic reaction to the use of such make up.

Consider the props

Some costumes will necessitate the use of props. To prevent such items from becoming a hazard to your child and to others, pick out props that are soft and not particularly large so that it can be easier for the kid to handle.

Consider the overall safety of the costume

If you’re planning to buy a pre-made outfit, be sure to buy only those that are “flame-retardant”. For those that are planning to create their own costumes from scratch, utilizing flame-retardant materials is also of utmost importance. Some of these materials include wool, polyester and nylon.

Plan in advance

Trick or treating can often take the participants to several places that they may not be familiar with. This can pose a few problems, including soreness of the legs from walking too far. Having a well thought out plan from the get go is a surefire way to ensure maximum enjoyment and to avoid getting into too much distance-related trouble. Older children need to bring phones with them in the event that they need help or get lost.

A glimpse of what's in store for Halloween. || Photo source:

A glimpse of what’s in store for Halloween. || Photo source:

Secure your pets

While your kids are out and about, you are going to be entertaining trick or treaters yourself. If you have pets, make sure they are out of sight and under control at all times. This is to make sure that they do not harm any of the kids that will approach your property or accidentally eat any dropped candy that could lead to certain trouble, particularly if that candy is chocolate and if your pet is a dog.

Establish a curfew and chaperone.

Make sure that your kids know when to stop and go home. Establish a curfew before allowing them to go out. If possible, have someone accompany them if you cannot accompany them yourself. Older siblings can accompany smaller kids, although a responsible adult would make for a much better choice.

Equip them with necessary items

Trick or treating is typically done at night, so items such as flashlights will come in handy. Items such as reflective tapes and glow sticks can also be useful. Such things will make your child look more visible in the dark, preventing any possible accidents with cars.

Be wary of strangers and the candy that they give

As you know, kids will be approaching strange houses, talking to strangers and will be accepting candy from them. Remind them that they are to limit any and all interaction with strangers as much as possible. Accepting an invitation into someone’s house must be prohibited, for example. Regarding the candy, it can be tempting to take a bite or two while they are on the go, but for safety purposes, ensure that your kids only eat their candy upon reaching the house, which leads to the final tip…

Check the candy once the night is over

Parents need to sort through the candy once the kids come back home. Be cautious about any type of candy that looks like it has already open or is no longer inside its original wrapper.

Ideas for these tips were taken from reader’s digest and For more ideas, it would be a good idea to check those sites out. As anyone can see, being safe on Halloween isn’t something difficult to achieve. Keeping these tips in mind year after year will lead to a much safer experience, which will lead to more fun for the participants. Halloween is, after all, something for everyone to enjoy safely.


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