November is National Diabetes Awareness Month!

Diabetes affects about 382 million people around the world.

Diabetes affects about 382 million people around the world. Image source:

November is a month of awareness for many people. For men, it’s known as “Movember,” a month where they grow beards and mustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer. For others, it is National Diabetes and Diabetic Eye Disease Month.

Diabetes—referred to doctors as diabetes mellitus—is a life-threatening condition which causes high sugar levels in the blood. During a study last year, about 382 million people have diabetes. In the United States alone, nearly 30 million have the illness and another 86 million are at risk.

There are three classifications of diabetes:


  • Type 1

This is when the body can no longer produce insulin.

  • Type 2

This is when the body does not have enough insulin to function properly. Type 2 covers 90% of those with diabetes.


  • Gestational

This affects pregnant people and is caused by very high glucose levels in their body, making it hard for insulin to catch up.


Since insulin is an essential hormone which uses glucose to produce energy, the lack of it means that your body would continue to accumulate large amounts of sugar. This is why diabetes is associated with the lack of insulin.

Raising awareness of diabetes helps others understand what the lack of insulin in the body entails. National Diabetes Awareness Month is an initiative to inspire and educate others on how to change their lifestyle by adopting a healthier and more nutritious everyday routine and by living out their lives with support and understanding from those around them.

Dedicating an entire month for such a cause is a great way to teach the community about diabetes. So if you know someone who has been suffering from the condition yet fail to see what they’re going through, always remember that it’s best to know more instead of half of it.

To learn more about National Diabetes month, click here.


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