A Guide to a More Engaging and Meaningful Thanksgiving Dinner

Make sure you make your Thanksgiving dinner memorable through meaningful interaction!

Make sure you make your Thanksgiving dinner memorable through meaningful interaction!
Image source: Lucille Roberts.com

Thanksgiving dinners can be quite awkward and uncomfortable at times. You may not be in the mood to communicate with your family members, especially with distant relatives you barely know joining in. So how exactly do you make Thanksgiving dinners more engaging?

If you want your dinner to be less awkward and more memorable, below are some tips on how you can do so.

  1. Be inclusive

Instead of focusing on talking to one of your close cousins, why don’t you mingle with your aunt or uncle? Ask them about their day or how life has been treating them. You could also try telling them about your life and your exploits. When doing so, assess the situation first to see where your common ground lies. That way you can just stick to stories your potential audience can relate to. Keep your stories to the point, and give others the chance to contribute once you’re done sharing.


  1. Speak with clarity

Whenever someone asks you a question at the dinner table, don’t give vague or one-worded answers. This can come off as a sign that you don’t want to talk to them, making you look like a surly teenager dragged to an event against their will. Give concise but specific answers and answer any follow-up questions you feel comfortable answering. This helps the conversation keep going. If you’re uncomfortable with everyone looking at you, try to deflect attention from you by asking someone else a question or opening the conversation up to another topic.


  1. Don’t be afraid to pour your heart out a bit

It’s important to be genuine and open to your family members. By telling them details about yourself, they might just do the same and you’ll discover the things you have in common! Don’t be afraid to speak more about yourself and the things they might not know about you.


  1. Be sensitive

Even when starting an engaging conversation, be more tact in what you have to say and observe proper etiquette. For example, when your aunt is going through problems with your cousin, you don’t just talk about it openly, since that would most likely spoil the dinner for everyone! Tame your tongue and avoid starting quarrels and the like.


  1. Throw in some humor

Humor is probably the most crucial aspect in any conversation. Laughing with friends and family is always the best way to bond and have fun. So why not do so during Thanksgiving? Throw in some laughs and jests! Just remember not to go overboard by making inappropriate or offensive jokes.

Here are some jokes which may work best for you.


Are you ready for that dinner? More importantly, are you prepared to mingle with your relatives? If you’re still not sure, following the tips above may be of great help.


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