Organizing a Parish Sports Competition

Sports are an engaging way to get everyone going. Here is how we’re going to organize a sports competition! | Image source: Grace Episcopal Church

I’ve been meaning to conduct a sort of sports fest and I kept on pondering about it. I opened up the idea to one of my colleagues at the parish and I must say, she loved the thought and said she was going to do a bit of research on how we can go about things!

Anyway, here are some of our ideas on how we’re going to organize this sports tournament among parishioners and interested locals alike.

  1. Calling on some volunteers and officials

We’re going to need all the help we can get. That’s why we’re tapping everyone within the parish and in town to volunteer in organizing this whole thing! We need their commitment and we really won’t be forcing anyone. Also, we intend on calling up key sports figures to act as judges, referees, and coaches. This can be done and I believe so!

  1. Picking a date for the tournament

Availability of players and organizers should be considered in this case. They need to commit to a certain date. We’re still trying to figure it all out. After all, we can’t just set it without taking into account if the players or the officials or around. We still need their confirmation at the moment.

  1. Making a schedule on the activities to be done

We’re setting certain timetables for different sports. But we intend to do a lot of them simultaneously to save time. For example, while the basketball game is ongoing, the volleyball match may also be happening on the other side of the area. Audiences can just jump from one game to the next if they want to.

  1. Finding an appropriate venue

The parish has its own complex, barely used, aside from junior football players who use it for their practice. It’s got everything we need, from a basketball court to a place where we can set up for badminton matches. There’s also an area for volleyball at the far end, so it’s really convenient for us. It’s important that we have a place where we can conduct our games.

  1. Communicating with teams and getting their confirmation

We certainly don’t want to make things hard for players and competitors, so we’re giving them as much information they need—including the way to the venue, where the different matches will be played, and many others. Since they are arguably the most important aspect of the sports fest, we’re also making sure they actually make it.

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