Helping Refugees

Yazidi refugees on an exodus. | Image source: International Business Times

Yazidi refugees on an exodus. | Image source: International Business Times

The rise of terrorism and conflict throughout the globe has caused many residents and citizens to seek refuge in other places, as they know for certain how dangerous their homeland may be at the moment. In the Middle East, ISIS threatens Iraq, Syria, and parts of North Africa. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia in Crimea also caused many refugees to seek safety in other countries. The whole situation is as alarming as it is.

There are ways to get involved. If you’re interested, you may consider the ideas below.

  1. Show your support

Raising awareness is the first step to giving aid for refugees. Do some research and talk to those displaced so you’ll gather more information on how serious the issue is. You need to let everyone understand that actions must be taken. The more info you provide, the more aware they’ll be.

  1. Share refugee stories

In the process of interviewing refugees, you will hear many stories of all the horror they all went through. Pick certain stories and let others hear them, so they’ll know what the refugees had to put up with.

  1. Provide physiological aid

The problem of most refugees is that they’re barely provided with their basic needs. Giving them food, medical aid, and clothing will allow their living conditions within camps to be more bearable.

  1. Inform refugees of their rights

Know that all over the globe, everyone has the right to seek asylum and no one should be denied unless under certain circumstances. Let the refugees know that they are always welcome in places if their purpose is to escape their war-torn homes or for any other reason.

  1. Demand transparency

The government has the duty to disclose policies and initiatives, especially when human rights are involved. Talk to officials and ask for declarations on how to go about solving the problems which those displaced face.

Are you ready to help refugees? Then get started and do humanity a favor.


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