Things to Do During Lent

What should we do during Lent? Here are a few ideas. | Image source: From Worry to Glory

What should we do during Lent? Here are a few ideas. | Image source: From Worry to Glory

Lent is the perfect time to reflect upon the sacrifice by Jesus Christ when he died on the cross for us. But what should we do during lent? Should we just sit around and let the season transition to Easter and not mind at all? It’s often understandable that many would think that way.

A lot of us may prefer to lay low and simply go to church during days of obligation, but as part of the community, here are things which you may want to do during the Lenten season.

  1. Fasting

It’s easy for people to say that they’re not going to eat anything during Lent, as this is their definition of what fasting is. Actually, the best way to fast is to abstain from doing anything somewhat damaging and which you love to do! It’s a way to discipline yourself from worldly ways and to purify what’s inside of you.

  1. Praying

Scheduling a few hours or minutes of prayer time is done best during the lent. It’s supposed to be a time of contemplation after all! Just pray in silence and reflect upon all the blessings bestowed upon you, as well as the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Don’t make it too complicated. Praying in solace is always the way to do it.

  1. Doing good deeds

Since we have the grace of God working through us, it’s only fitting that we show what this sort of grace has done for us and our interior lives. Help the poor and donate to charitable institutions which will make sure that your aid will really reach those who are less fortunate. Your Lenten season will be worth cherishing this way—and theirs as well.

If you have any other suggestions on what to do during Lent, why don’t you voice out your thoughts in the comments below?

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